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SDG Initiatives at Hotel Gracery Ginza



Hotel Gracery Ginza has been undertaking initiatives related to the environment because we consider them essential to our sustainable growth as a company. This is based on our corporate mission statement to contribute to the creation of an affluent and prosperous society by providing a wholesome place for our guests to relax and enjoy heartwarming service.

These initiatives are in line with the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established to create a sustainable society.

To contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, Hotel Gracery Ginza will continue to solve social issues and create a sustainable society through our business.

Installation of a water server to reduce plastic waste.

As an activity to reduce plastic waste, we have abolished the PET bottles of mineral water that were provided as a service in the guest rooms, and installed a purified water server “Locca” on each guest room floor.

Reduction of plastic use in guest room amenities

At WHG Hotels, we provide toothbrushes that are made of rice husk biomass material in our guest rooms.
The material for the handle contains rice husks, reducing plastic waste by approximately 35%.
For shaving razors and hairbrushes, please inquire at the front desk.

We would appreciate your cooperation in reducing plastic waste by bringing your own toothbrush and other amenities when you travel in future.

Eco-friendly housekeeping services for guest rooms

In order to protect the global environment, we encourage guests who are staying more than one night to opt for eco-friendly housekeeping services for your rooms.
By reducing the energy footprint of housekeeping and cleaning services, we are dedicated to working with our guests to reduce CO2 emissions.
We also provide full housekeeping services at your request.
Services provided: towel replacement, toothbrush replacement, and trash disposal
Services not provided: room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bed making, and bed sheet replacement.

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